Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Brief Update on the Lives of Justin and Susie

Hello all, Justin here with some updates for everybody:

My Grandmother Tweedy died a few weeks ago. She was a wonderful woman who will be very missed. I have endless fond memories of her -- riding around in a Lincoln the size of a boat listening to Conway Twitty 8 tracks, bowling and having her beat the pants off of me, and endless hours of TechmoBowl and a mini-trampoline in her garage. We're both thankful we got to spend some time with her this summer. Love you Grandma.

Susie and I visited Jeju-do a couple weekends ago. Jeju is an island off the southwest coast of Korea that is appoximately 60 miles across and 30 wide. It has an enormous volcanic cone in the middle (rarely visible from the cloulds). We had a great time hiking around to waterfalls and into volcanic cones. Despite the constant rain, it was a wonderful trip. Oh, and we also took a stroll in the worlds longest lava cave and visited a hedge maze. The entire island is absolutely beautiful. Very, very little English is spoken there and actually upon our return to Busan we read that even mainland Koreans have a hard time understanding the Jeju dialect. But it was a good motivator to get us atleast studying Hangul.

Work has been alright. The days are much shorter now, and I like all of my kids (for the most part). Susie, on the other hand, got switched to the early teen classes and isn't liking it so much. Everyday gets better and hopefully it won't be too bad in a couple of weeks. Susie has to deal with teen angst and awkwardness, I have to deal with konchos (look that one up).

Our anniversary is coming up in a few weeks and we just booked (very expensive) tickets to Tokyo over our five day holiday. It falls on our anniversary day and we've decided to 'be fabulous' and pretend we're rich, then eat udon for the rest of the time. We'd love to hear from anyone with Tokyo advice.

New photographs here,